Where Creativity Know No Bounds!


🎬 Are you in need of captivating visuals that push the boundaries of imagination? Look no further than Soundsake – the creative powerhouse behind all things video and photography. From the rhythm of music to the timeless elegance of wedding portraits, and even the enigmatic allure of inanimate “THINGS,” Soundsake crafts visual masterpieces that leave an indelible mark.

🌍 While our creative heart beats worldwide, our soul resides mostly in Denmark. Here, amidst the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture, we find inspiration that fuels our artistic endeavors.

🎶 Our canvas is vast, and our lens is boundless. Soundsake caters to the aspirations of young, emerging musicians, forging new friendships, collaborating with ad agencies, partnering with record companies, and amplifying the impact of PR firms – all through the power of our visual storytelling.

📷 Most recently, we had the privilege of working alongside XX, breathing life into their vision. From crafting intricate storyboards to scouting the perfect locations, from capturing the essence of the moment on-site to producing captivating studio shoots, and from creating mesmerizing graphic content to weaving soundscapes through expert editing – we do it all with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

👀 But here’s the best part: Soundsake is not just a name; it’s an invitation. We are available for commissions, and our eyes are at your service. Represented by the visionary Magnus Bjaaland at magnus.bjaalad@gmail.com, we are ready to turn your dreams into awe-inspiring realities.

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where every frame is a work of art, and where Soundsake is the conductor of your visual symphony. Let us bring your imagination to life.

Welcome to Soundsake – where vision meets reality! 📸🎥🌟